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  • We will work with your specifications whether you offer a CAD drawing, a complete 3D computer model or just a sketch on a napkin.

    We can design and engineer your parts from partial specification, create the necessary shop drawings, tools and dies, and then fabricate your product.

  • Napkin Drawing

    We assess all drawings to advise you on the best processes for your project. We enjoy working with designers and engineers.

  • Evaluation

    We evaluate your current requirements for the needed outcome. If needed, we contribute detailed information. We "fill in the blanks".

  • 3-D Model

    We have designers on staff that will produce a 3-D Model of your idea.

  • Production

    Our production team will direct methods of manufacturing that will provide the best results.

  • Laser Cutting

    Our CNC Trump Laser-Cutting machine is known to make precise detailed cuts. For this project, it has the ability to fabricate contours, and smooth edges.

  • CNC Press Break

    Our Press Breaks can offer accurate folding of complex profiles including tapers. Our 11-axes press break, offers bending capabilities while upholding a tight tolerance of (+/-) 0.001 inch precision.

  • Finished Product

    Your finished product will perform as it is intended to perform.

We assess all drawings, and if needed, we offer our ideas.

We recognize that most of our clients have a great understanding of the big picture.

We understand that we are here to provide our knowledge and years of collective experience.