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From 28 ga to 1" thick


60 inches wide by 120 inches long


6000 watts


Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Titanium, Copper, Brass and other exotic Materials


.001 inch to 1.5 inch
depending on material type

The Fiber Laser Cutter is five times faster then our C02 Laser Cutter. This addition will offer our quicker turnaround time and lowers costs.

The Fiber Laser Cutter is a high beam-quality solid-state monolithic in design laser cutter. It produces single mode, high quality beams which is ideal for narrow kerf, precision cutting.


Our fabrication facility is equipped with both C02 Laser Cutter and Fiber Laser Cutter

There are benefits to both types of machines
The commonly asked question is: Which laser cutter is better for specific applications?
We will try to explain the pros and cons for both technologies.

The obvious difference and benefit of the fiber laser cutter is speed. The fiber laser cutter is five times faster then it's C02 predecessor, which improves turnaround time and lowers costs.


The fiber laser cutter is designed so that fiber laser light is created by banks of diodes. The light is directed through a channel and intensified through fiber optic cable similar to that used for data transfer. The amplified light is straightened and then focused by a lens onto the steel material which creates the cutting action.

The fiber light methodology is 200% more efficient than its traditional CO2 laser methodology. The focusing lens is sealed in the cutting head and is not a consumable item; a benefit compared to the C02 laser cutter.


When examining the price-to-performance ratio of the two opposing models, the main benefit is the cutting speed for the mid-range materials from 6 to 8 mm thick.

Another benefit includes thickness capacity when cutting non-ferrous materials. Typically there is an increase of one gauge of material, which aids clients that cut a lot of material in the 6 to 8 mm range.

The benefits of a fiber laser cutter
1. Unlike a conventional CO2 disk laser, there are no moving parts or mirrors at the light-generating area, which offers greater advantage for reducing operating costs and maintenance costs.

2. Lower running costs and electrical efficiency. A fiber laser cutting machine uses one third of the power of a CO2 laser cutting machine.

3. When cutting thin material, the fiber laser cutter uses higher speeds. Compared with the same CO2 cutter, the fiber cutter is three to four times faster in a straight cuts of 1 mm mild, galvanized, or stainless steel and twice as fast when cutting 2 mm mild, galvanized, or stainless steel.

4. The fiber laser cutter has the aptitude to cut reflective materials without destructive back reflections, which allows the ability to cut reflective materials without damaging the machine. Materials such as copper, brass, and aluminum.

5. For cost bases, on average comparative projects, the fiber laser cutter offers 50% lower servicing costs.

The benefits of a CO2 laser cutter includes:
There is one major disadvantage of the fiber laser cutter to the CO2 laser cutter: It is that the cutting speed is reduced when processing thicker materials. When cutting above 5 mm, the CO2 cutter is quicker in a straight line and offers faster piercing times. Also, when cutting thicker materials, the smooth surface finishing is a definite advantage.


In the last 5 years, the demand for quick lead time has increased. As a job shop, we recognize that our clients are pressured to manufacture their components quickly. So to accommodate our clients, we originally purchased the fiber laser cutter for speed of cutting thin (1 to 2 mm and up to 3 mm) materials.

Other reasons were power consumption and diversity of materials, where the fiber allows us to cut highly reflective and thermally conductive materials.


For three months, we ran both the fiber laser cutter and C02 laser cutter side by side, and from our experience we can honestly say that in terms of speed and quality of cut, the fiber machine greatly exceeded all of our expectations. The quality of cut is very reliable without adjustment and the speed of the machine is typically two to three times as fast as the C02 machine.

As most of our clients are our friends, our new investment will help our clients grow their business. As a job shop we can provide high quality cuts with very quick time lines.
The ability to process copper and brass is also extremely advantageous, as in the past, we could not have serviced these materials.

This machine is so fast that before the fiber machine, the laser operator had time to assemble kits of parts between each cutting sequence, but with the new fiber machine he does not have time to stop. When the sheet is loaded, it is cut before the parts are removed from the previous sheet. It truly is very fast.

The fiber laser cutter slows down by complex shapes or large numbers of pieces. Even with this fact, it still performs better on thinner material than a traditional CO2 laser.


With our basic testing, the quality of material 4 mm and below cut on the fiber is a step up from its CO2 laser machines. Over 4 mm, for most materials, better quality has been achieved on traditional CO2 lasers.

Our sheet metal cutting jobs vary in thickness, but the thinner material that is cut on the fiber results in a high quality cut. There have been no quality issues with the items we have received with no burrs on the edges of the cut and items easily within set tolerances.


Ever since we've started using the fiber laser cutter, we've been very happy with the quality and speed.

The initial plan for the fiber laser machine was to help with our big running jobs and to speed up our production and offer our clients a quick turnaround service.

In addition we are pleased with the profile cutting of yellow shiny metals such as brass and copper.

The fiber laser cutting machine is a great addition to our overall sheet metal fabrication production. We use the fiber machine for speed and we use our existing CO2 machines for thicker material.

The fiber laser has been a good complement by providing a fast and inexpensive method to cut vast volumes of thin material.

The fiber laser has exceeded our expectations, reducing the time and cost needed to cut materials and at the same time maintain our quality standards.


Our dedicated production team communicates with our clients in all stages of the production process. At the onset of the production, we will assign a project manager to work with you and develop your drawings. If needed, our engineering team is trained to offer ideas that will streamline the production process and pass on the savings to the client. Depending on your design specifications, whether you have a rough sketch or a computer drawing, our team of experienced engineers will offer the most cost-effective solutions and the most viable production process for your project.

If needed, we will assist you with sourcing material by using our list of reliable vendors. Our well trained team of production personal will ensure quality production with a high-precision CNC machine as well as manual tooling machines. We are a one-stop shop, we operate automated fabrication machinery as well as tool and die making machinery. We can achieve all aspects of production in house. We've been a job shop for our clients for nearly forty years.

If you are fabricating a prototype component, we are experienced in conducting test analysis that will ensure the needed results. We will always work with our clients to better their design ideas. We ensure that the finished part perfectly resembles your drawings. We like to take on challenging prototype jobs that require experience, test analysis and precision fabrication. At Stollco Industries, all jobs are fabricated to perfection.

At Stollco Industries, we help our workers focus on their tasks and workstations. Our team is trained on all workstations. Focusing on the production methods, they are encouraged to communicate with each other. From our designer to project manager to our front line fabricators, all parties communicate with each other. When issues arise, the client is offered several solution oriented options. We are proud to work as a team and produce the most economical and highest quality product for our clients.

At Stollco Industries, we have a low tolerance for imperfections. Our policy of zero-defects and high quality is the main reason for our longevity and success. Our team understands that one defective part could result in a defective product. We have checks in place to ensure that all products are fabricated as per your specifications. We understand that our clients need to focus on their market, and we need to focus on delivering a high quality product with zero defects. We pride ourselves on our work.

Our engineering team works with our production team to produce products for all industries. From concept to design to completed products, we will offer a complete sheet metal fabrication service. Our fully automated facility showcases the latest CNC equipment and the most experienced operators. We offer our knowledge and provide design assistance to all of our clients. We pride ourselves with our philosophy of a zero-defect part or component. We have high standards for quality and value.

At Stollco Industries, we are here to exceed our clients expectations.

We assess all drawings, and if needed, we offer our ideas.

We recognize that most of our clients have a great understanding of the big picture.

We understand that we are here to provide our knowledge and years of collective experience.