Since 1967, Stollco has been engineering and manufacturing precision metal products, with a focus on delivering "over the top" service. We wanted to be more than a fabrication company, and had the desire to be thought of as our client's partner. We achieved our goal by placing a strong emphasis on product quality and customer satisfaction.

Our clients have a saying: "They will produce the desired metal product, no matter what".

We pride ourselves for our over the top service, and realize that if we don't follow through with a perfectionist attitude, our clients will be affected. We approach every job as a manufacturer, designer, CAD programmer, and machine operator, to ensure these aspects are taken into consideration, throughout the entire manufacturing process, and with every client.

We will stand behind our word, and work: once we propose a solution, we will deliver. From prototype to production, our extensive experience enables us to produce quality parts and components, meeting the customer’s delivery requirements.

Stollco Industries currently owns over 40,000 square feet, and employs just under 25 employees.

Since our inception, we have produced thousands of metal products and components, and we are excited to work with you to produce even more.


stollco history

Klaus Stolle, founder of Stollco Industries, was born in 1937, in what was later to become East Germany. He studied machining there for three years, before escaping to West Germany in 1955. In 1957 he emigrated to Canada.

Klaus arrived in Edmonton in November, with no friends or family, or any knowledge of English. He worked as an underground mechanic for 18 months at Bralorne Gold Mine near Lillooet, then moved to Vancouver, where he was employed by Stuart Die Castings as a toolmaker for the next four years. His next venture was with Advance Industries, first as a toolmaker, then foreman after only two years (in 1965). Two years after that, Stollco was born.

Established in 1967 out of his 24 x 30 foot garage, Stollco Industries focused mainly on the fabrication of tools and dies. Today the company boasts over 40,000 square feet, just under 25 employees, and the ability to manufacture hundreds of products. Sadly, Klaus passed away on September 15th of 2017, after a brave and long fought battle with cancer. Klaus’ sons, Tom, Floyd, and Steve, equally share the duties as President, and have ensured that Stollco Industries continues to be on the leading edge of our industry, while maintaining the high standards put in place so long ago.



The commitment and expertise of employees and management overwhelmingly contribute to customer satisfaction. Whether administrative personnel, machine operator, or tool and die technician, the dedication and communication at every level will encourage a positive experience for our clients.



At Stollco Industries, the key to our success is client interaction. From prototyping, through to production, customer input and feedback is an integral part of our business philosophy.



The commitment and expertise of employees and management contribute overwhelmingly to customer satisfaction. Whether administrative personnel, machine operator or tool and die technician, the dedication and communication at every level encourages positive experiences for our clients.

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